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All of our paperback trackers are sold through Amazon Prime.

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Chronic pain and illness are difficult to live with and difficult to diagnose.


Here at Wellness Warrior Press, we pride ourselves on making quality pain tracking journals that are easy and even fun to use! The goal is simple: to help you understand your illness and take control of your life.


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Tracking your day-to-day symptoms will give you and your doctor a better understanding of your condition and may help your doctor give you the right diagnosis.

Daily tracking of the weather, your sleeping habits, your physical activity, your food intake and more will help you identify triggers that may be contributing to your pain or illness.

If you are trying out new medication, daily documentation will help you identify its efficacy. It will also help your doctor identify whether changes need to be made (new medication, increase, decrease, or stop altogether).

Once you receive a treatment plan from your doctor, tracking your daily symptoms will be crucial as it will determine whether or not your treatment plan is working.

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