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My spouse has severe chronic pain, and I have chronic headaches (among other things), so believe us when we say we KNOW what it feels like to be in pain all the time. But with the right tools, you can sometimes bring that pain down to a more tolerable level. We've collected some of these tools over the years, and they work.

That being said, we also know how expensive products can be AND the reality that many people with chronic illness simply can't work and afford fancy electronic tools. Been there, done that.

We want to help.

So we're hosting this giveaway, which has a retail value of $160 USD.

Here's what's in it:


Note: click on each item name to view the product on Amazon.

This Fcking Hurts Large.png


How to enter: comment on any one one of our TikTok Chronic Pain Bundle Giveaway videos (or image slides) and tell us about your experience with chronic pain.

Draw date: November 22, 2023.

Who can enter: anyone within the United States.

Winner will be selected at random on November 23, 2023, and will be notified via TikTok. No purchase is necessary. All that will be required is a shipping address from the winner, which can securely be sent via email (details will be given to the winner on November 23rd).

*If product is no longer available on Amazon at the time of the draw, a similar brand of equivalent value will be gifted.

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