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Do you own your own business or practice?

If you answered YES and you're still reading this, then you probably run your own business and have built up a client base in the medical field (massage therapy, physical therapy, chiro, etc.).


And you're probably pretty passionate about what you do, right? Why else would you be in the business of helping people?


Well, we share that in common.

Here at Wellness Warrior Press, we've designed pain tracking journals that have helped thousands of people around the globe, and now, we're offering those same journals to you, a business owner, at a discounted resale rate.


Hold on. We 100% understand, but hear us out:


Unless you're a salesperson, you don't care to push sales to turn a profit. But here's what sets these journals apart from other products out there - these journals are tools that actually help people. They sell themselves because they're extremely beneficial, so you don't end up feeling like a pushy salesperson trying to make a dollar off someone. You'll actually want to sell them because you know your clients will benefit from it.

How great is that? You earn a profit, and your clients receive a product that could literally change their lives (and we would know, because symptom tracking changed the life of Wellness Warrior Press's founder).

Interested? Go ahead and scroll for more information on our journals, and to receive your zero-commitment information package by email.

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Tracking day-to-day symptoms will give a client a better understanding of their condition and may help you determine an appropriate treatment plan for their chronic pain.

Daily tracking of the weather, sleeping habits, physical activity, food intake and more, will help clients identify triggers that may be contributing to their pain or illness.

Once you have identified a treatment plan for your client, having them track their daily symptoms will be helpful as it will determine whether the treatment plan is working.

Submit the below form to receive a detailed information package. Note that you will NOT be added to any newsletter, nor will you be contacted unless you specifically ask to be. The email you will receive contains all the information you need to get started.

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